Powerschool Login Problems

Parents - Powerschool was updated over spud harvest and has caused some heartache over how parents now login. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope with the information given below it will make the transition to the new version easier for you to get into it.

When you click on the Parent/Student link for Powerschool you will need to click on the Create Account Tab.

The new 'Create Parent Account' allows you to view the information for one or more of your children with a single sign in instead of multiple sign ins. Also in this new version of Powerschool you will be able to manage your own settings and preferences regarding your PowerSchool login.

To create a NEW parent account, you will need to enter the following information:

Name: - Your first and last name

Email: - Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent account will be sent to this email.

Desired Username: - Your username is your unique PowerSchool identity

Password: - Your password must be at least 6 characters long

Student Access Information: - Information for a minimum of one student, including the student name, Access ID, Access Password, and your relationship to the student.

Special Note -  The Access ID and Access Password are the ID and Password you used before to access each of your child's accounts.

You will see multiple entry fields for multiple students. If you only have one student in the school district then just enter the information for them and scroll to the bottom and click on the enter button and follow the prompts from there.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this process and we hope this information can help ease into the use of our latest version.

Powerschool and the IT Department here at Shelley have found some issues that may be part of the problem when parents are creating a account to see all their students school information.

If you are trying to use a username that is already used for one of your students accounts, then those usernames are unavailable for use.

In order to create a new account to see all your children that attend Shelley School District you need to use a User Name that is different than the ones you are already using for your kids.

Part of the problem that was determined with Powerschool Support is that those usernames are still 'in use' by the software for that student. When you create this new account you are tying those accounts together to create that one account to see all your kids, thus causing the issue.

If you are still seeing problems after trying this please contact the school and let them know the error you are seeing when you try to create the account and we will have to investigate it further.

Again we appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. The upgrade was necessary to allow Powerschool to work with the states requirements for some of the reports that are uploaded on a daily basis.