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SuccessMaker at Home

Success Maker
SJSD60 cannot provide technical support to home users beyond the information provided below. Shelley School District 60 technical support staff may not troubleshoot issues with home computers. Access from home to SuccessMaker Online requires a minimum 3MB internet connection, minimum computer specifications, correct versions of Java, Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer. ALL of these can affect the quality of your experience with the software.

To connect to the Shelley School District SuccessMaker's home site, here is the link:

SuccessMaker Online

The student username and password should have been given to you by the school your child attends. If not please contact that school and/or their Teacher to receive this information.

If you do have trouble accessing SuccessMaker from home, you should find the following information helpful to get you connected to SuccessMaker Online for Shelley Joint School District  60.

Minimum System Requirements Windows                  Mac/Apple
Check Java Check your Java Version Here
Check Flash Check your Flash Version Here
Download Latest Java

Download the latest Java Here

Important Note: Please Uncheck the box that asks you to install software other than the Latest Java Software.

Download Latest Flash

Download the latest Flash here

Important Note: Please Uncheck the box that asks you to install software other than the Flash Player Installer.



How do I check what Operating System I have?

For Windows:

Clcik the "Start" menu and select "run" (Note: If you haave a round Windows orb instead of a 'Start' button, click it and type in the 'Start Search" area.)

Type 'winver' without the quotes and click 'OK' (If you have 'Start Search', click on the one that shows up on the results under Programs.)

The Window that comes up will display everything you need to know about what version of windows you have installed on your machine.

For Mac:

If it is a Blue or Grey Apple, then you have Macintosh OSX

If it is a Rainbow Apple, then you have Macintosh OS 8 or 9.

How do I check how much memory my computer has?

For Windows:

Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop (or from the Start Menu, right-click computer), and select Properties from the menu that appears. Look under the General tab where it gives you information about the size of the hard drive and what operating system you sue to find the amount of RAM in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB).

For Mac:

For the Mac, click on the Apple and "About this Mac" will display the information.

James Gaydusek,
Aug 10, 2015, 9:20 AM
James Gaydusek,
Aug 10, 2015, 9:20 AM