Dear Students:

Welcome to Stuart Elementary School.  Your 5th and 6th grade years will be filled with learning and fun experiences.  Stuart Elementary has a wonderful, caring faculty and staff.  We take pride in our school.  Our goal is to ensure that you are successful and that you have a positive experience while you are here.

Remember the important keys to your success include excellent attendance, your very best effort, a positive attitude, and your greatest respect for others.  With these keys, you will be successful.


Jared Heath


Mission Statement

The mission of Hazel Stuart Elementary is to develop capable, future citizens.  Educators, parents, and the community join together to provide the necessary knowledge and skills in a positive, safe, and cooperative environment.  It is our goal for each child to reach their potential by achieving personal responsibility and a desire for life-long learning.

Vision Statement

We envision students participating in a safe, positive learning environment dedicated to improving their lives through acquiring knowledge.  Each child will receive respect, encouragement, and the opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a changing society.

General Information

School Hours:  8 am to 3 pm

If you need to leave school during school hours, parents must pick you up at the school office.  Your parents must notify the school.


If a student is sick or must be absent from school, a parent or guardian must call the school by 8:30 am.  The phone number is 357-5580.  This information may be left on the school answering machine.  Parents or guardians are the only people who may excuse a student from school.

Placement of Students

Stuart elementary does not allow parent requests.  However, we place your child in the classes that will provide the best environment for opportunity to succeed and at the same time maintain a balance between classes.  Many factors are considered in making this decision.  Academic, emotional, social, and personal needs of each student are considered by the teacher, counselor, and principal.

Tardy Policies

Tardiness is not accepted.  A student is considered tardy if they are not in their seat when the bell rings.  


1st tardy:  verbal warning by


2nd tardy: last verbal warning  

3rd tardy: parent contacted and in-

class punishment

4th tardy: parent contacted and

               automatic office referral  

Excused Absences

  • Illness

  • Injury

  • Doctor/dentist appointment  

  • Pre-approved family convenience

  • Death in the family

  • Mandated court appearances.  

(Please remember these are still absences.)

Unexcused Absences

  • Babysitting

  • Did not get up on time

  • Uncleared absences

  • Student leaves school, class or stays in another part of the building without checking out with the secretary

School Approved Activities

Students who miss one or more classes for a school-approved activity are expected to gather the assignments from their teachers BEFORE attending the school activity.  No additional make-up privileges will be given.

Make-Up Policy

When a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to get all make-up work missed.  Students will be allowed the number of days absent plus one day, not to exceed one week to complete any makeup work.  Additional time may be granted at the teacher or principal’s discretion.  When a student is absent, a homework request may be made through the office.  The school must have a call by 9 am in order to prepare assignments and books for a parent to pick up in the office at the end of the school day.  Parents should call for homework after a student has been absent the second day.  It is not necessary to call for assignments, if a student is absent only one day.

Closed Campus

The Shelley School Board has designated Stuart Elementary School as a closed campus school during school hours.  This means that students may not leave the school grounds during the school day.  A student leaving school grounds without the school's knowledge will receive truancy discipline.

Complaint or Concerns

If a student or parent has a concern, the following procedure should be followed in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

  1. Contact the person with whom you have complaint to discuss both sides of the story.

  2. If the problem still exists, contact the principal.

  3. If still unresolved, contact the superintendent.

  4. Finally, if unresolved, ask the superintendent to place the complaint on the following month’s Board of Education agenda for discussion.

Fire Drills

Fire Drills will be conducted monthly throughout the school year.  Everyone will move in an orderly and silent manner to points directed by their teachers where roll will be taken.  If the fire alarm rings when students are in the hallways, they should leave by the nearest exit.  If a student pulls the fire alarm, law enforcement will be notified.  During a fire drill, students are to assemble away from the school building and out of the streets where cars or emergency vehicles may need to drive.  Students are to stay outside until they receive a signal from the office staff, which means that the problem has been solved and they may return safely to class.

Phone Usage

Phone calls will be allowed in emergency situations, only at the discretion of the principal, teachers or secretaries.  Students are to avoid using the office/classroom phones.  Any special arrangements for school events must be made before the student arrives at school.

Student-Led Conferences

Student-led Conferences are scheduled twice a year.  Students and parents will meet to discuss current grades.  The teachers are present and available for any questions, clarifications, or concerns.  Please make every effort to attend.  If you wish to meet with teachers at other times during the year, teachers can be available 30 minutes before school, after school and at times during lunch.  Please call the office or the teacher directly to set up a meeting.  We will gladly set up conferences with parents any time during the school year.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are sent home at the middle of each grading period.  This will happen four times a year.  Parent and students may access student grades online in PowerSchool.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be delivered electronically at the end of each quarter.  Hard copies may be requested through the office.

School Dress Code

We all must have pride in the way we dress in order to show we are from Stuart Elementary School.  Nothing worn that interferes with the learning of students is allowed.  Students wearing “inappropriate” clothing will be sent home to change, or asked to change into clothing that is available at the office.  An individual’s grooming and the way he/she dresses does have a bearing on how others react to them, and therefore affects his/her behavior or safety.  The following attire is NOT allowed:

  1. Clothing that displays obscene, immoral, or indecent pictures or slogans.

  2. Clothing that advertises alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any other illegal drugs.

  3. Clothing that depicts criminal activity or violence such as weapons or violent acts.  

  4. Clothing related to gang activities may not be worn.

  5. Clothing that through words or visualizations show disrespect toward any race, culture, religion, or gender.

  6. Underwear that is being worn as an outerwear garment

  7. Clothing that reveals the midriff

  8. Clothing such as tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts

  9. Skirts and shorts will be no higher than mid-thigh

  10. Clothing must cover all undergarments.

  11. Hats shall not be worn in any school during school hours.

If a student’s attire or grooming habit is disruptive of the educational atmosphere, detrimental to the health or safety of the student or other students, or promotes illegal acts or controlled substances; that student will be required to change clothing to meet approved school standards.  Parents will be notified and the students will be sent home to change clothing.  (Exceptions to the dress code may be made for special days or special events.)

The use of Cell Phones is prohibited during the hours of 7:30-3:00 p.m.  

See Electronic Devices

Valuables at School

Students, not the school, are responsible for their personal property.  Personal property should be taken home after school and not kept at school.  

Electronic Devices:

Student use of any personal electronic devices is prohibited at Stuart, both indoors and outdoors, during the hours of 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.  These devices include but are not limited to cell phones, cameras, CD players, PDAs, pagers, instant messengers, portable game systems, MP3 players, iPods, tablets, etc.  Student use or display of these electronic devices is prohibited (both indoors and outdoors during the hours of 7:30a.m.-3:00p.m.)  

Any use of cellular camera phones is strictly prohibited.

Using or displaying these items at school may result in the following:

1st offense  1st warning - device stored in the office until the end of the day.

2nd offense  Final warning - Parent Contacted. Device stored in the office until the end of the day.

3rd offense  Parent Contacted. Device stored in the office until a parent can pick the device up

4th offense  Student may not have the device back at school

Bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades may be ridden to school but must be left in their designated place outside and may NOT be ridden on school property during school hours (7:30 am to 3:30 pm).  Animals may not be brought to school unless you have principal approval.


Restrooms are to be used for their intended purposes.  Do not loiter.  Keep them clean.


Backpacks are not allowed in the classrooms.  This is a safety issue for students and staff members.

Selling Things

Students are not to sell things at school.


Parents/Guardians must check in at the office when entering the school.  Our students’ safety is a priority!  

Please make an appointment to visit with teachers or administration.

All other visitors are not allowed at school during school hours or school activities.  

Lunch Policy

  1. Students will go outside for recess during the first 10 minutes of lunch.

  2. Before going outside, use the restroom, get coats, etc.

  3. When the 1st bell rings, students line up if they want 1st choice for lunch

  4. 5 minutes later, a 2nd bell will ring and the remainder of the students outside will line up for 2nd choice or home lunch.

  5. Hand sanitizer will be dispensed or students have the option of going to the restroom to wash their hands.

  6. After you eat your lunch, you must choose to go outside to play, or sit and visit quietly at your lunch table.

Lunchroom Procedures

Student meals will be tracked with a computerized program.  Each student will have a lunch account. Meals may be purchased in advance, or a student may also pay on a daily basis.  (Please be aware that the breakfast and lunch meals come out of the same account.  If you do not want your child to use his account for breakfast, please let the cashier know.)  Any credits or charges from the last school year will carry over with the student's account.  A parent may request a printout of the account by calling the lunch supervisor.

NO CHARGING OF MEALS WILL BE ALLOWED.   Breakfast:  Served from 7:40 to 7:55 am.        Deposits may be made at any time during the hours of 7:30 a.m. until the lunch hour is finished.  We prefer that deposits be made in the morning to keep the serving lines moving quickly at lunch.  Checks will be accepted for the School Lunch program only.  We cannot cash checks for other school fees.  Please send separate checks for student fees, etc. Online payment is available through  Visit for more information.

Applications for free and reduced price lunches are available at each cafeteria and online via the district website.  Application may be made at any time during the school year.  Please read and complete the application carefully.  Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be accepted.


Riding the bus is a privilege!  This privilege may be denied for disorderly conduct.  Students are under the authority/responsibility of the driver of the bus.  For more information call school transportation at 357-7582.


Your teacher will bring you to the assembly.  Be quiet when it starts, listen, and show appreciation by clapping.  Never boo or whistle.  Sit with your class, where your teacher requests you to sit.

No – Touch Policy

Students are to keep their hands and feet to themselves.  This includes, but is not limited to public displays of affection, horseplay, pushing, shoving or bumping into each other on purpose.  Play fighting or wrestling is not allowed!


No one is permitted to use or have in their possession any tobacco products or illegal drugs at any time in the school building, on the buses, on school grounds, or sponsored activities.  Failure to comply will result in disciplinary actions at the school level and with the Shelley police.

Bullying and Harassment

Any form of bullying or harassment is not tolerated.  Bullying is the repeated aggressive behavior or frightening of others with an apparent intent to dominate.  Bullying may include:

  • physical actions,

  • verbal actions, or

  • indirect attacks.  

Bullying is not playful teasing between equal partners.  

Sexual harassment is recognized as a form of sex discrimination and thus a violation of the laws which prohibit sex discrimination.  Any form of harassment is behavior or words that:

  • Are directed at a person because of his or her sex

  • Are uninvited, unwanted and not welcomed

  • Cause a person to feel uncomfortable or offended

  • Create an environment that makes learning difficult

  • May be repeated or may be very offensive on a one-time basis

Disciplinary action will be administered to any individual who engages in any form of bullying or harassment.

Cyber bullying is also prohibited.  The Shelley School District states in policy number 502.11:

An act of harassment, intimidation or bullying on school grounds may also be committed through the use of any phone or through the use of data or computer software that is accessed through a computer system or computer network whether actions originate from school district equipment or from sources from another location.

Search and Seizure

The Supreme Court has said that schools have the authority to conduct student searches without a warrant when the school authorities have “reasonable suspicion” that the student is concealing materials that are illegal, stolen or could create a hazard to others.  Stuart Elementary School does exercise this authority.

Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action shall be administered for violations of the Stuart Elementary School Code of Conduct.  Examples include, but are not limited to: fighting, continued disruptive behavior, abusive and vulgar language, throwing snowballs and rocks, dangerous and repeated horseplay, insubordination, etc.  If a student violates the rules of the school, they are subject to detention, skill building, or out of school suspension.


Fighting is not an appropriate method of solving a problem.  Walk away from the problem and get help.  Students receiving a referral for fighting may also be referred for possible police action.

.Major Disciplinary Actions will be handled according to school board policy.  Zero Tolerance

Students are forbidden to possess, handle, transmit, or use any instrument that can be used as a weapon of any kind.  School Board Policy has stiff penalties for possession or use of a weapon.  There are State Rules and School Board rules that deal with this.  

Non-disciplinary procedures will apply to students who self-refer or whom parents refer.  Anonymity of the referrer will be respected.