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Sunrise Elementary Kindergarten Readiness

We are so excited to have your child attend Kindergarten at Sunrise Elementary.

The following page has ideas, activities and skills that can be used as a guide to support your child’s learning before entering Kindergarten. However, children grow, develop and learn at different rates. Your child may already be successful with some items and may need more time to develop others. Give your child plenty of opportunities to practice and learn these skills. With guidance, they can be learned interactively with family and friends in a natural setting.

If you have any questions about Kindergarten, or Kindergarten readiness please call our Sunrise Elementary Office at 208-357-7688

Sunrise Elementary School


We have a readiness checklist for your child to see what they know and what they need to work on with you before their journey into Kindergarten here at Shelley School District 60.

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

We have also included a set of downloadable and printable Alphabet Flash Cards for you and your child to download cut out and use to go over the alphabet with them.

Downloadable Alphabet Flash Cards

The following School Activities Readiness checklist is downloadable and in PDF form that will help your child be prepared for the journey into Kindergarten as well.

School Activity Readiness Checklist


To protect your child and to assist the school, please talk to your child about:

  • Knowing his/her phone number and address
  • Taking the same route to and from school each day
  • Observing safety rules when walking to and from school
  • Knowing what to do if he/she should get lost
  • Going directly home each day before going to a friend’s house
  • Using appropriate behavior when riding the bus,or walking
  • Be sure and talk about stranger safety and safe street crossing


Family Literacy Activities

Detect Rhyme—

Sample question: Let’s play a short word game. In this game, I want you to tell me if two words rhyme. Words that rhyme sound like each other at the end. Listen carefully to these words: hat, cat. Do these words rhyme? Rhyming shows an awareness of sounds within words. This is an example of phonological awareness and is another reading readiness skill.


Detect Syllables—

Sample question: Let’s play another word game. Listen carefully to the word I say and clap or tap each beat, or syllable, that you hear. Let’s practice together. How many beats, or syllables, do you hear in the word basket? (Two claps or taps.) How many beats, or syllables, do you hear in sun? (One clap or tap.)Breaking words into syllables is important for word recognition. Being able to tap or clap the number of syllables is a part of phonological awareness.Identify Uppercase Letters—Sample question: I want you to name the letters of the alphabet shown on the next page. (The letters will be out of order.) Try to name each letter as quickly as you can.Alphabet: An essential reading readiness skill is learning the names of letters.Practice this activity often.


First letter in your name is Upper case (capital) letter. All other letters are lower case. (i.e. Zack not ZACK)  The alphabet practice sheet we have provided is what will be used in kindergarten.

In Kindergarten we use lined paper made for practicing handwriting properly, the top line is referred to as the “headline”, the bottom line is referred to as the “baseline”, and the dotted line is referred to as the “midline”.

Practice writing your alphabet

Extra Page of lined paper to print out for practice

Remember to encourage your child and be excited in his/her growth.


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