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Transportation Home Page

Monte Fowler
Transportation Supervisor

Welcome to the Shelley Transportation Department!

Mission Statement: The Transportation Department at Shelley School District 60’s main mission is to transport your children to and from school and school related activities safely!


Transportation Request Forms Page

Discipline Rules for Unsatisfactory Conduct on a school bus

Shelley Joint School District 60
Transportation Department
Citation for Unsatisfactory Conduct on the school bus

Rule(s) Broken:

  1. Failure to follow driver’s instructions.
  2. Failure to stay seated, facing forward, and clear of aisle.
  3. Rude conduct: swearing, pushing, fighting, teasing, gestures, loud speech.
  4. Food, Candy or beverages consumed on bus including littering.
  5. Vandalism, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs (automatically suspends bus privileges as though third offense).

First Offense: This citation must be signed by parent. If citation is unsigned, or not returned to driver, student will be transported to school and referred to transportation supervisor.

Second Offense: Transportation will be suspended from one to five days. Riding privileges are being suspended for _____ days (number of days will be filled in). Present this form properly signed at the end of that time to AM bus driver in order to resume riding privileges.

Third Offense: Transportation is suspended pending a conference to be held between the parent, student, principal, bus driver, and transportation supervisor. The conference can be scheduled by the parent. You can do this by calling the transportation supervisor at (208) 357-7582.

Fourth Offense: Transportation is suspended until a decision of appeal. Parent may appeal to our superintendent for restoration of riding privileges. A meeting will be established upon request of a parent or the superintendent. Contact the district superintendent at our district office (208) 357-3411.

Transportation Department Contacts

Monte Fowler   Bus Supervisor   Email Mr Fowler
Laurie Butler Secretary Email Mrs. Butler
Kolton Hodges   Mechanic Email Mr. Hodges

Information on how to contact the Transportation/Bus Supervisor and his Staff. To contact them immediately you can call them at (208) 357-7582.